Answered Prayers - NY

Thank you, Lord, that my dad will be discharged from the hospital today. Thank you, Lord, that my mom's Oxygen came up. You are so Faithful and Worthy!

My cousin is home, and the medical staff was amazed at her rapid and unprecedented recovery! Thank you for praying!

I asked God to help me pass my Biochemistry class, but Lord you did above and beyond what I asked, I received an A in the class. I struggled, but God was there.

I have submitted several prayer requests for my once-wayward sister. She is still a work in progress. But, she is now aiming to be a hairdresser/entrepreneur.

Daughter Teresa spoke to me and let my grandkids stay all week. Please pray for a Damascus Road experience for Teresa & Sean and against depression for Killian. Fear. For Danika, protection. Praise.

Praise God! I passed all of my courses this past semester. God is so good and never fails.

Praising our prayer-answering God. My dad who was in ICU came back home on Christmas eve well and stable. Thanking God for extending his life. God is good.

Thank you, Lord! For extending eviction notices until May 2021, extending unemployment, and for the extra stimulus check.