Answered Prayers - NV

I am 35 years old and have waited and prayed for a godly husband. I'm now happily engaged to a man that loves God more than anything. God honors the wait!

Thanking God that 13-yr old Samuel was found hiding at a friend's house. Not sure of the circumstances but all who prayed and looked for him are rejoicing. Thank you.

Thank you for your prayers for my dad who had a massive heart attack which led to kidney failure as well. He is home. Kidneys healed! Trusting the same for his heart.

Answered prayer: doctors found out why I was blacking out and never was hurt in an accident. Thanks God and TSC.

Grateful Praise. The Holy Spirit of Jesus allowed me to see, TSC sanctuary. Golden Angels. God's Golden Light. The arc of His covenant,.

Thank you for your prayers! The Lord answered and my son has a job offer to provide for his household.

I requested prayer for my brother who had a stem cell transplant due to a rare form of cancer. He is back at work and rejoicing that God has made him well. Thank you.

Thanks for praying with me! Mr. President mentioned he'll be helping inmates in US prisons have a 2nd chance at life. May they seek God's ways through the body the church body.