Answered Prayers - NJ

Thank You, Jesus! This last Tuesday night the prayers were so personal, you prayed for my country, Panama, my grandson Romie that has autism, and my daughter Heidi.

To God be the glory this 2020! I was able to buy my exact dream car and sell off my old car for a very good sum. Thank you Lord for all of your favor this past year!

To God be the glory this 2020! He opened a door for me to serve Him which I had been seeking. I and others have been truly blessed.

I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic but God provided two jobs that are more than I could ask for. Also, God healed my lower back pain and sciatica.

Praise Jesus! My wife and I prayed and tithed through very uncertain times this year, and He has proven faithful again. He gave us money to pay off our mortgage.

Thank you Lord for being with me during 2020. I never lacked Your strength and words of encouragement. Thank you for protection and guidance. Thank you for TSC!

Thank you for praying for Lynn to be healed of breast cancer. The tumor is gone! Praise God. What an amazing answer to prayer! Thank you, Jesus.

Praise God! My niece, Nilka, who lives in Panama, has COVID-19. She was on a ventilator, but we got the news that she's off the ventilator and breathing on her own. Thanks.

While standing in a line behind a young man, I prayed silently for him, after ordering I gave him the TSC link which he placed on his iPhone. Thank God!

Thank God. My friend June and I went to the mall on Thursday and we did some friendly Evangelism even with our masks on.