Answered Prayers - NH

Requested prayer on Tuesday for repeat cat scans. The lung nodule has resolved itself and the lump node is normal. No more scans! Doing a rejoicing dance.

Last week we prayed for Pacey, my grandson. He had a seizure. The doctor said he can drive again, running more tests, but God has healed him.

My brother Skip had brain surgery today and is recovering. The Lord Jesus brought him through. All praise to God, we prayed last Tuesday that he would be totally healed!

Praise be to God! Thank you for your prayers. Especially Dr. P. Today, prayers for protection were answered. I pray for conviction by the Holy Spirit for E. C. M. AMEN.

Sent request for my son's broken marriage of 23 years, Healing has begun - both he and his wife started counseling, Praise Jesus, continue to pray for the family.

Praising God! No cancer! Thank you Times Square Church for your prayers. I am so great full to have had a praying church to turn to in time of need. Thank you.

A friend asked me privately last Sunday to pray for their 2 daughters who haven't spoken in fifteen years. I prayed Tuesday night. And they talked Wednesday morning.

A while back asked for prayer for Dustin who was drug-addicted. As of today, he's going on 2 months clean, and seeking a relationship with Jesus.

Praise God and thank you TSC. I had half of my thyroid removed because of nodules. Everything was bioscopied and there is no cancer.