Answered Prayers - NH

My cousin who had a heart attack on 1 December and was unconscious for days, has now awoken and is able to go home for Christmas before rehab. Only God! Thank You for your prayers.

My cousin Janet woke up! I submitted a request for her today, she had a heart attack last week and was still unconscious. Prayers for strength and healing for her.

Healing for Sean and Jeff, wisdom Cara and Gary, pray against depression in so many people, Venice healing autism, marriages and families restored, COVID-19 gone.

Please thank God for all He has done for us, salvation, grace, mercy, forgiveness, restoring families, healing, reviving His body, and present help in our need.

After over 2 years of having to wear bandages all over my hands, I am free of this. I forgot what it was like to see my hands again! He is a miracle worker!

Victory in Jesus for John, who had COVID-19 and was on a ventilator for two months. He is now free of the virus and recovering at home! Thank you for praying.

Requested prayer on Tuesday for repeat cat scans. The lung nodule has resolved itself and the lump node is normal. No more scans! Doing a rejoicing dance.

Last week we prayed for Pacey, my grandson. He had a seizure. The doctor said he can drive again, running more tests, but God has healed him.

My brother Skip had brain surgery today and is recovering. The Lord Jesus brought him through. All praise to God, we prayed last Tuesday that he would be totally healed!