Answered Prayers - ND

I was having some physical problems. We prayed during the Tuesday night prayer meeting. The next day, I felt better and the symptoms were gone.

We needed some strong men to help us move. We had been praying but could find no one. We agreed again today and within a few hours, we had the help.

We needed a place to store my construction equipment. We prayed and the Lord supplied a place, at a reasonable price.

Mom had a stroke with a blood clot on the back of her head. She was unable to complete surgery. She has gone through rehab and been released after 19 days.

Was losing weight and didn't know why. We have been praying. I asked the Lord for 10 lbs. I weighed this week and I have gained 14 lbs. Praise the Lord.

Painting job needed to be done. We prayed at noon and the Lord gave the perfect temperature, wind direction, and wind speed. By 5 pm, we were done! Praise the Lord.

Thanksgiving to God. Sam made it through surgery for single mastectomy; deciding now on next treatment. Continued salvation and healing prayers for whole family.