Answered Prayers - MT

You all prayed for a miracle for my brother. He was slowly dying from a spinal injury and he has kids. The surgery was an absolute miracle. He walked out. I am so glad.

God has been touching my heart in ways I can't describe. I want to keep writing my children's books. Please pray the doors keep opening. Kids are touched by them.

Praise God my oldest daughter and her children were blessed with a home, my youngest daughter too. Thank you, Jesus.

Glory to God my youngest daughter was in an ungodly relationship fresh out of HS for 10 years. The relationship has been crushed. Open blind eyes to see Father God.

Praise God for answering prayer. He has provided my husband with a job - after much prayer and supplication. Glory to God.

Would like to thank God for giving me employment and strength, through our financial hard times.

I sent a prayer request concerning ministry and my future serving Him. God has opened so many doors that had seemed closed to me. Thank you, and praise His name.

My brother was finally sent to a spine specialist. God is so good. Thank you for praying for a breakthrough.

God set me free from many unhealthy and evil soul ties, different types of abuse, addictions, unforgiveness, negativity, fear, guilt, pain.

Thank you for your prayers on my wife to find Jesus. My wife accepted Christ and was baptized last Tuesday. Also for the answered prayers on my marriage.