Answered Prayers - MT

Glory to God. He has made provision for my husband and met our needs for our rent and car payment. God bless all.

Glory be to God. Gold bless all who have prayed for my aunt Thelma. God has sent a believer in Christ Jesus to pray for and with her in the nursing home. PTL.

Glory to God and God bless all who have believed in prayer with me. My husband Tony has been hired on at the oil refinery, I received my driver's license.

Glory to God the Father. During last Tuesday Prayer meeting, as I was praying in the Spirit crying out to God, the Lord God spoke to me "your prayers have been answered".

Glory to God. My husband has been blessed with work. Lord God, I pray he will stay and stop jumping jobs. Thank you, Jesus and God, bless all for your prayers.

Praise the Lord for blessing my husband with a new job and an increase in pay. Thank you for meeting our every need Lord God. God bless everyone for praying and believing.

Praise God--He has begun to use me to go out into the dark places here and minister to lost family members bound by drugs, alcohol, lust etc. Lord, let them see you in me.

Glory be to God. I've been seeking prayer for my children, ex-son-in-law and grandchildren and they all showed up in church Easter Sunday. Restoration for all.

Every request I have sent in has been answered. I am so excited I am spending more time of my own seeking God. I am so Thankful!

Hallelujah Lord Jesus, God bless all for continued prayers. An increase in pay on my monthly pay stub and also have been blessed with a loaner vehicle. Glory to God.