Answered Prayers - MO

We have been praying for Eli who just turned 2 and had cancer. He is now in full remission! Praise God! And thank you for praying with me.

We prayed for Dan to get a job last week. The following Monday he started his new job. Praise God!

My adult daughter has leukemia but has been in remission for 4 months now! Praise God! Thank you for praying.

Wife in and out hospital since Nov. 1 with extreme pain and many other problems including kidney failure. TSC prayed for her weekly and now the pain is gone and she is healthier and at home. ONLY Jesus.

We prayed for Randy to have a clear mind and peace in his heart. God has filled him with the Holy Spirit and gave him a clear mind and true peace in his heart!

Praise Jesus for your Prayers for my wife Joyce her stage 4 kidney failure is stable and her pain and illness has lesson continue to pray for 100% healing.

Thank you, Jesus, for being the rock of my salvation and overpowering lingering bad habits and seeing us through the times we need you most desperately. What a father.

**Update on spider bite. Samantha did not lose her arm. Surgery #2 appears to be successful. She is going home today. Praise God! Continue to pray all is well.

Thank you for praying for Eli. In recent weeks he hasn't battled depression. He's joyous again. He loves his new job and the people with which he works. Praise God for His healing power. Bless you!

Thank you for your prayers for Eli. His struggle with depression has diminished. We are grateful to God for your prayers and His touch! Please pray for his complete healing.