Answered Prayers - MO

In 2018 I had a fire and lost the most beautiful couch known to me. It was very hard financially to save for it, but God blessed me, by giving me a new gray one.

On the 20th of November, I had asked you all to pray for my brother's mother-in-law. She was in the hospital with COVID-19. She is at home and feeling better. Praise the Lord!

Praise God for healing my husband and delivering him from bone cancer. Thank you Jesus. Now please deliver him from prostate cancer. You are able and I believe.

Praise God for Ted's heart valve replacement this week at age 85. Ted loves Jesus. Pray for Jesus to prepare Ted for needed hip replacement scheduled in July. Heal Ted Lord Amen.

Thank God for answered prayer. His protection and provision, for a 90-year-old widow June, in a serious financial situation. Praise God! Amen.

My husband and I have been praying for a home. Last Tuesday, 5 minutes after taking communion, we got a text - this Tuesday we are in our home.

My uncle and aunt were both healed from cancer simultaneously. They now believe in the power of our almighty God! Hallelujah! Santo!

Last Tuesday my sister-in-law had a stroke. Today she is back to normal! Praise be to God!

After 5 years of separation from daughter because of addiction at a conference last weekend when I went to receive prayer, I looked up and she was praying for me.

God answered! The report came back no prostate cancer! To him be the glory! Thanks for joining me in prayer.