Answered Prayers - MN

Requested prayer for provision of daughter's tuition. She was to be kicked out of school. The kind woman gave me an extension, my tax return covered it!

Thank you all for your prayers! Bless God in His faithful goodness! My son's depression is lifting and he is overcoming the social limitations created by Aspergers syndrome. Bless you creator of love.

Requested for daughter to get housing and into a high school so she can utilize her scholarship to study dance! She got into an elite private school almost completely paid and a prayerful Christian home!

I am thanking God for his return of my vision, that I may not only see more clearly out of my impaired post surgical eye, but also his will.

Very thankful for all the healing and freedom I've been getting the last 2 weeks through different ministries. Very thankful for God's work in the family.

My 23 year old daughter suffered severe eczema. Her face was dark, scaly and scabbed. She didn't leave the house for 3 yrs. Her face is now flawless! No scars! She is in a job interview as I write, hallelujah!!!

My daughter had severe eczema all over her face & body. She wouldn't leave the house .She got help & her face is clear. This is the first CHRISTmas with all my children together in 4 years! PRAISE GOD

God has slowly set me free from insanity, depression, & many negative emotions from early abuse issues & drug addictions. Yeah! He is teaching me much in this journey.