Answered Prayers - MN

I am a single mom with tight finances; I had a car repair of $1,000 which I couldn't afford. But the Lord is faithful and provided. Thank you, Jesus!

God has answered my prayer for a job for my son and his overall growth. Thank you for all your prayers towards his getting this job.

Praising the Lord my 9 year old autistic son is learning how to read! This was something I was very concerned about, but he's finally doing it. Thank you Jesus!

I didn't get a full-time job offer YET. But because you prayed, I did get a small contract temp job that will cover my rent this month. Thank you.

Praise the Lord, I asked you to pray for Patti, shingles with facial paralysis, there is movement beginning, keep praying. Jesus has fully healed her.

I prayed for God to open a new door; he has kept me at my current job after reviews and layoffs. I still have a job and just heard i am getting a bonus. His ways.

A couple weeks ago I sent in a prayer request because I was struggling to pay bills - I'm a single mom. Praise the Lord my ex-husband paid his back child support!

I am a single mom with two special needs kids. The Lord has been so faithful to provide for our every. He did it again just today! Glory to God! Thanks.

Praise the Lord, Joseph is healed; has not had a fever since you prayed and sores in his mouth are gone. The specialist said he is healed. Virus only. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord! Thank You, Jesus.