Answered Prayers - KY

In spite of prayer requests for illness, we, at the ages of 90 and 89 yrs old, send a praise report that He has kept us independent of nursing homes and sustains us still!

For Bill's leukemia. Bone marrow biopsy came back today and the results were no cancer found. Praise God. Thanks for praying.

I had sent a request admitting to porn addiction. It is very humiliating to be a believer of Christ and not a "doer" of His word. God, the Christ, has delivered me!

Devin, 24 years, had a stroke and is doing very well. Pray his brain continues to heal.

TSC prayed for Dr. Mark R and he received a liver transplant on Father's Day. Please pray for continued healing and for the donor's family. Praise God!

Thanks for your prayers. Nancy is improving day by day in regards to her heart condition. Halleluah!

Wrote last week for my grandson who had every sign of a stroke and was taken to the hospital. By that night he was released with a clean slate. Thanks be to God!

We were homeless in PA with $400 and stepped out in faith, left and headed west. Got to Kentucky to stop for the night and my husband got a job the next day. Three days later we got an apartment.

I asked TSC to pray for Judy and Ron and their surgeries. Both have had favorable outcomes. Amen and thanks.