Answered Prayers - IL

Tony is doing better. God provided a sense of peace and salvation in my brothers life. SO THANKFUL Amen. God continues to use my brother to encourage others. What a beautiful blessing.

Thank you, I have been getting interviews for some jobs, God has been providing opportunities for me to have gainful employment.

I had asked prayer for prodigal sons. One of them is softening in huge and unexpected ways. Praise God! Please continue to pray for their salvation...Thank you TSC!

Praise God, asked you to pray He would show me why He hasn't delivered my family for so long. He showed me there is no unconfessed sin in my life, I am in a "Job moment" and He is working for His glory!

I'm 9. I prayed that my friend Rebecca's brother would be born safely and he was. I saw him today and he looked very healthy and cute. Thank you Lord God.

Praise for deliverance from night & early morning headaches on-going. Received medical testing & waiting for all results. Called WCI prayer line last Thurs. & have been headache-free, since!

I would like to thank the church for praying for my husband to get his green-card. After eight years of waiting he for finally got it.

I would like to request prayer for my friend Mr. James who is having open heart surgery tomorrow. I am asking that the Lord will perform the surgery Himself in Jesus name!