Answered Prayers - IL

Some time ago I submitted a prayer request for a hospital bill for open heart surgery for my wife. We had no insurance but God worked a miracle and 96% of it was paid. Thank you Jesus!

Thank you Jesus for completely restoring my left eye back to normal. HALLELUJAH! Jesus be glorified!

Thank you Jesus and the prayer warriors at TSC. Our daughter is fully recovered from food poisoning and is caring well for her little son. Oldest daughter's face and neck swelling are totally healed! Halleluia!

Praise be to God, our daughter you prayed for who had food poisoning is doing better and able to care for her 2-year-old son.

I asked TSC to pray a few weeks ago for a mysterious bump and lesions on my head. They are all but gone. I guess the Lord does want me to be a daddy for my girls. Thank you Jesus.

Asked for prayer for an extreme financial crisis. My son stepped up and made a house payment for us. Still in desperate need for income. He gets paid on a commission basis. Please pray.

I had asked prayer for my son to find a job. He hasn't worked in three and a half years. This week God provided employment. Praise the Lord! Thank you TSC for praying!

Asked prayer for my family in shambles. Praise God, He has started to breathe life into an almost dead 40-year marriage. 7 children are sure to follow. Please keep praying! I know the call of Jesus is on each life!

Thank God the bogus tower of Baal will not be set up at Times Square. Thank God. Thank God. Thank God.

Immediate aftermath of 3-Day Fast/Prayer- God moved in the lives of lost people I have been praying for for years. I remembered brother Dave saying, "In latter times, people will come to our door." Yes and Amen.