Answered Prayers - IL

My brother accepted Jesus as his savior this past Sunday, two weeks after I requested prayer for my sibling's salvation. Praise God! Glory be to God! Keep praying!

Thank you Jesus, for uniting George with his sons and daughters. Jesus keep being in the things they're going to do this year together.

My post-surgery follow-up results - NO CANCER in my body!
Thank you Jesus! God bless everyone who prayed for me.

Thanks to God for Casimiri's health. God is doing well with Casimiri's health. God thank you for Casimiri.

Praise the Lord TSC! My surgery went well, no complications. Praise God for His Mercy and Goodness! Thank you all for praying for me. God bless.

My daughters' friend - who drank cleaner, is back home and is doing better. Thanks TSC for praying and please keep him in prayer for salvation.

Praise God! My lower extremeties' ultrasound test today revealed no bloodclots! I no longer have COPD either! Jesus is a good God! Thank you, TSCand all who prayed for me.

Praise the Lord! God bless all of you for your prayers! I was told today by a pulmonologist that I had no more COPD! Many more other health tests to complete. Keep praying. Blessings.

Thanksgiving for the establishment of a weekly, neighborhood, in-home, intercessory prayer group.