Answered Prayers - IL

You've prayed for Jonathan. Through seemingly awful events, God has removed him from home with the father who hates his 3 sons, into a Christian home of friends. Please pray for his salvation! Thank you, Jesus!

Submitted a prayer request on May 16th for my daughter's vision to be returned in her right eye. On the 20th she got her vision back. Thank you, Jesus, praise you, thank you, God. Thank you TSC for praying.

Woman did not have cervical cancer just abnormal cells. NO TUMORS! They can remove them. Ask God for a quick recovery. Thank You Jesus.

Tues 3/28 Pastor Carter asked us to pray for miracle. Reluctantly, I asked God to take away my on-going jaw pain. Sisters in neighborhood prayer group also prayed. Next morning-pain gone. Praise God.

Praise Jesus! Our daughter's surgery went well! Recovery in good! Thank you Lord! And thank you TSC intercessors! Amen.

My brother accepted Jesus as his savior this past Sunday, two weeks after I requested prayer for my sibling's salvation. Praise God! Glory be to God! Keep praying!

Thank you Jesus, for uniting George with his sons and daughters. Jesus keep being in the things they're going to do this year together.

My post-surgery follow-up results - NO CANCER in my body!
Thank you Jesus! God bless everyone who prayed for me.