Answered Prayers - IL

Praise God! I received great news today on my thyroid ultrasound results. Thank you, Jesus, for answering our prayers!

I had horrible shoulder pain and was feeling discouraged, but joined the TSC Tuesday Prayer meeting. It was when I started praying for others that the pain I had left.

God, thank you! Pricille was released from Ohio Seneca jail. Now she's coming to Illinois to get her green card, be with her.

A blessed reunion of our family(JMS)! What a joyous time of love and fellowship! Jesus is Lord of All! Thanks, TSC family for praying!

Prayer requested 12/26/17: Healing for "subcutaneous mass" near rib. Plastic surgeon consult 12/27/17 diagnosis: "floating rib"- no surgery needed!

Thank you for praying for my brother Rob! God has worked in miraculous ways. He's recovering from Whipple surgery that removed tumors on pancreas and liver. PTL!

You've been praying for a very broken family who once walked with Christ. God showed up in amazing ways for Christmas and is beginning to heal fractures. Thank you, Jesus!

Trinity just has a fatty liver not inflamed. Praise God this problem is reversible. Thank you, Jesus.

I had a fluctuating sharp pain in my inner right thigh. I raised my hand in church for prayer and the same day the pain was gone. Praise God.