Answered Prayers - IA

I've been dealing with depression this year. Thanks be to Jesus Christ for helping me pull through it and keeping me strong! God is good and I am forever grateful!

My sister Anna, whom I had unsuccessfully invited to church, will go next Sunday right after a 3-day fast meeting. God made a way. Thank you for praying.

Grateful to God for progress in my Greencard application. Thank you, Jesus, for coming through for my wife and I.

Thanking God for helping my wife get a job in our dream city, progress in our relocation plans, and making our dreams come through.

Thanking God for giving me the opportunity to interview and proceed to the next stage of a job I have been looking forward to. Hallelujah.

Thanking God for all the job interviews I have been having and trusting Him for the best in my life. Amen.

Thanking God for the job opportunities coming my way and seeing me through the first stage of one of my job interviews. Hallelujah.

Thanking God for my nephew's surgery that turned out to be successful and healing of his eyes. Hallelujah!