Answered Prayers - HI

Backslidden woman with a bondage to alcohol; five weeks ago she repented, detoxed, and just entered Teen Challenge for one year. Praise God!

Two weeks ago I asked prayer for a cantaloupe-sized mass on my liver. On June 6 it was removed. Surgery was successful and the tumor was NOT cancer. Praise the Lord!

Maria's blood sugar is now controlled and she's stronger since she came home from nursing home. Please continue to pray for complete healing from bed sores and Alzheimer's disease. God bless.

Believe in the Lord's report. Zion 5 years old, my grandson went through tests to see if he had blood clots in his veins and heart. Your prayers avail much. Zero, clear no damage. Thank you Jesus!

Requested prayer for my husband who was a heavy drinker. He wouldn't have anything to do with church. Last Sunday he attended service with me. He went up for prayer. Jesus be glorified!

After 2 months of praying for my husband to be set free of alcohol, he checked himself in rehab. Pray for total salvation and a renewed mind. Jesus is Lord! Great & Mighty is his Name! That name Jesus

You prayed for my husband whom has been an alcohol for 30 years. He told me he is seeking help to get well. Praise Jesus! Thank you for praying!