Answered Prayers - GA

I would like to thank you for praying for my daughter who was poked in her spine 27 times. She's back at work as a teacher. Pray for her to deliver a healthy baby, due in January.

I submitted a prayer request for my friend who had an accident and crushed his head. God heard your prayers. Doctors are baffled, no surgery needed, recovering!

We prayed for Terry who had pesticide explode on him and he almost died. He is home and healthy as if it never happened! Praise you, Jesus.

God heard our prayer on this second day of fasting and prayer. Tonight I got texts from friends that all social media had crashed! All static removed to hear from God!

Glory to God, a coworker's daughter was found and unharmed. This was her mother's worst nightmare but thank you, Jesus, and for Your precious outcome and help.

Thank you for praying, mom is recovering well after heart surgery and Sebastian does not have lymph cancer. Glory to God - for salvation and deliverance for each.

Glory to God! The reconciliation I asked for prayer about happened. Oh Jesus, thank You. Forgive my fear and doubt and bring greater glory to Your Name.

Thank You, Jesus, for keeping me this year. Please make all things new and glorious for Your own glory. Thank You for so many answers and this help to pray in Jesus's name.

Thank You Jesus, You are keeping me! Praise God! And thank you for the encouragement and opportunity this morning. He encouraged me he loves us so!