Answered Prayers - FL

Abba, all my words are thank you, yes, and Amen. You are such an awesome Father, friend, and one I certainly fear. Not long ago, I prayed for sellers, sell, Done.

Thank You, Jesus, and thank you, TSC. On December 3rd, I requested prayer for Mike in Bosnia, an 80-year-old who fell twice due to mild strokes and also got COVID-19. Jesus healed him.

My brother-in-law came home from the hospital weak but happy. God is awesome, thank you TSC chat for praying.

Thank you, Lord. Have prayed for cousin Jimmy to get reemployed. After accepting a position outside of his expertise, 2 interviews in his area appeared.

I thank God my breast MRI results came back negative and I am still a cancer survivor. The Lord is good all the time for those who have faith in him.

Thanking God that my nephew and his son tested negative for COVID-19. God is good all the time.

I just wanted to give God glory and thank Him for His endless mercy He has shown me and my family.

Abba, the first thing is always to thank You for the answered prayers. You have so faithful and have provided for a helpless sinner such as myself. Small to large today -Negative.

I requested prayer for my grandson, last week due to an concussion that he received while playing soccer. He is doing a lot better and improving. Praise God, thank you.