Answered Prayers - DE

TSC, Rita is showing a new willingness to reconcile with her husband. They love each other, and need more prayer to help more strongholds collapse.

TSC, Carlos Jr. Was critically ill with a serious toxic GI tract infection. He received surgical treatment, and is now out of danger, and is healing.

TSC, You prayed that John, a US Airforce veteran, would pass the vision test for his driver's license renewal. He passed the test! He has his driver's license!

TSC, four year's ago Mark was expected to die from injuries. Last week, he fell out of bed, which proves he moved by himself the first time in 4 years!

Last week you prayed for Meghan having three important college presentations on the same day. Meghan excelled and her team won a debate! God helps us all!

John's eye surgery was successful and he will be able to drive again! Thank God for His mercy for John!

TSC, Baby Spencer was born last week and required open heart surgery immediately after his birth. The surgery was successful. Each day is a gift of hope for him.

When Mark was severely injured 4 years ago, doctors told his mom to plan a funeral for him. Last week Mark spoke words for the first time in 4 years Praise God!

TSC, Mark is slowly recovering from an accident three years ago. Until recently, doctors did not expect him to survive. Praise God for answering prayer for Mark.

Praise God that my Father-in-law, Larry, is mentally alert and physically active after prayer for dementia, hallucinations, and diabetes. Praise Abba Father.