Answered Prayers - DC

Thank you for all of your prayers. My brother who suffers from anxiety attacks is back home from the hospital. He is feeling much better. Victory and Glory to God.

I was t-boned by another car. I was going 50 mph and the other driver (a retired pastor and his wife) going 40. Both cars were rendered inoperable but not a hair on anyone's head was touched. Praise God.

Glory to God! My mother is healed. She's speaking and walking and teaching at church again. To God be all the glory!! All of it! Glory to Jesus! Thank you TSC for praying. God answers our prayers!

Great is Your Faithfulness. True are Your promises. You never change, never fail O God. You are healing. My mum is better. It is well. Glory to God. We trust in You. We trust in You. We trust in Jesus.

Healing rain is falling down! Thanks Jesus! Thanks TSC. Imbalance has ceased, other symptoms substantially minimized and on their way out! Jesus is Lord! The Blood still speaks! Glory to God!

Thank you for your prayers. My friend Sonia was delivered. She was able to have knee surgery and it was a success. She is now in therapy. Thank you Jesus, for your Mercy.

Thank you, Jesus, You are good. Healing rain is falling, we receive it, Lord. You will heal, You will deliver. You are Lord. I bless you!

Thanks for your prayers. My mum is doing much better. God's promises of health and healing are true. I trust Him to perfect His healing work.

Thanks for praying. God healed my mum. It was undoubtedly God! Doctors didn't know what was wrong. God did. And He knew the solution. He is so, so good! Thank you Jesus! Trust in the Lord, He is good!

Thank you God for healing my mum. I thank You in Jesus name for complete healing and long life for her. Oh God of mercy, we trust in you.