Answered Prayers - CT

Thank you for the prayers! I have been able to get a little more sleep during the night! I praise God for any! I know full healing and peace is coming.

I sent a prayer request a year ago for Eli to be a healthy boy and have sufficient blood flow in his brain. Thank you Lord, Eli is healthy, and doing well in his school.

I requested prayer before going into surgery. The surgery was successful. I am recovering well. Thank you.

Thank you TSC for praying! God sent provisions for my year at Summit! God Bless the heart and obedience of your vessels! Praise God! He is faithful!

River is in rehab. Feeling is being restored in his hands. Pray healing of paralysis and close relationship with Jesus. Praise God!

Thank you, Lord, for helping me with my work assignment. Victory comes from you! Thank you for your prayers TSC.

My son and friend had Covid19 in Fl. She couldn't breathe. I sent a prayer to TSC, within 2 days - she is recovering and he has too.

Nimfa accepted the Lord yesterday. We prayed for her when she lost her husband a month ago. God has been her refuge/comfort. Thank you, Jesus and TSC for praying.

Thank you, Lord, for providing for Felix a job, shelter, and a clear direction regarding his marriage. All glory to Jesus! Thanks.

We give glory to God for answering our prayers for the Mendoza family. His power and presence have kept them by grace and peace. Thanks, TSC!