Answered Prayers - CO

Thank you for praying for my daughter. She has been healed of paralyzing fear. Now she's sleeping alone and staying home alone, for short stretches of time.

Thank You, Jesus and TSC! I was in the grip of generalized panic disorder. I listened to Pastor Carter's sermon Christmas 2018. I was set free later that year.

Thank you to Pastor Carter, who promised a baptism of the Spirit in one Christmas sermon. It arrived! Alleluia! (not the next day, but ten months later).

B went into the hospital because she said I was trying to kill her. I did spiritual warfare. She is back on medication. She had three of us over for Bible study. A miracle!

Thank you and praise you Lord Jesus for dying on the cross so that my father-in-law (and all of us) could enter the throne room of grace when he passed last week.

I asked on Apr. 8, for prayer because a woman was angry. She finally left a spiritually dangerous job and her boyfriend and moved to live with her daughter's family.

A relief for the town. Semana Santa was canceled in at least one town in Mexico after my prayer request on April 7th.

A woman in her 30's has no desire to drink, a miracle. I sent a request on November 12. But her organs are diseased and she needs healing from terrible childhood traumas. Please continue to pray.