Answered Prayers - AR

Since having thoracic surgery and bilateral mastectomies (both with clean margins), my Oncologist has declared me cancer-free. Praise the Lord. Prayer works.

I have been praying for years and have had TSC praying for my daddy's salvation. Saturday he went home to Jesus! The Lord's presence and peace was all over him!

I thank God for letting me graduate with highest honors, with a 4.0, and receive my Associate of Liberal Arts and Science. I thank Him for graduating.

Thank you for praying for Tabitha, she had a healthy baby boy, named Joshua Enoch and he is 4 1/2 lbs. Healthy mom and baby are fine. Please continue to pray.

I watched Tuesday Prayer Service and I too prayed for my children. My youngest gave her heart to Jesus! My heart rejoices with praise, Thank you, Jesus!

We have been praying for my daughter Rebekah. I see God at work in her life. He has faithfully been answering our prayers time and time again! Hallelujah!

Praise the Lord! Thank you, TSC, helping me along with many others. I was in need of a part-time job to help pay bills. I now have a job and the folks are wonderful to me! Now keep praying for my family! God is right on time.

I prayed for God to provide for my family when we were asked to leave the place we were living. God answered with such blessing that it blows my mind. He is so faithful! We can never out give God!

Submitted a prayer request a few weeks ago for a brother on meth. He has now been free for over a week and in church and prayer every night! Praise the Lord!

Cancer free, my friend Mary didn't know we were praying and now her doctor's report is amazing, thank God. My husband went to church with me. He's 63, not yet saved but much more tender, thank you Jesus.