Answered Prayers - AK

Thank you for praying! After 7 years my mom, brother, and niece are speaking to each other again! Please continue to pray for salvation for all. A Christmas miracle!

Thank You Jesus for helping me put my two weeks notice in, and for sustaining me through a very difficult time in this job.

Thankful for all US Troops Border Patrol, all police officers, doctors, nurses and those on the front lines. God Bless all of you.

Supreme Court blocks New York attendance limits at religious services. This is a huge miracle today.

I had requested prayer 2018 for my own home and several bedrooms I moved in, and we love our new home.

Thank you for praying for my supervisors who have treated us so cruelly. They are becoming kinder! Please keep praying. Pray they come to know Christ.

Thankful for the Lord's blessing to allow me to participate in Plymouth Rock prayer and repentance, to reclaim our nation for Christ.

Praise the Lord I will be traveling to Plymouth Rock and will be attending Repentance and Prayer with TSC during Sukkot.