Answered Prayers - Zambia

I had asked for prayer regarding payment for work I did a while ago. The money was released last week. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your faithfulness!

Thank you Lord, for your faithfulness. I am grateful for the consultancy job I have just completed. Only by your grace, oh Lord! Be glorified.

Praise God. After my father just resigned from ministry due to failure, he has been asked to pastor a large Baptist church in Mpongwe. Please continue praying.

Thanking God for a new job after being dismissed unjustly. Thank you for His faithfulness. Many blessings to each one that prayed, believed and supported me.

Thanking God for Raphael's new job. Blessings to all those that stood with him in prayer. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness. May you lead his every step.

Thank you for reduced migraine frequency and Abraham's successful hernia operation. Trusting God for a full recovery.

I asked for prayer for my brother Ethan in St. Kitts during the hurricane. Praise God the island was almost untouched! He is safe. Thank you for praying!