Answered Prayers - Saint Vincent and Grenadines

TSC, thank you for praying for Eve who was diagnosed with a heart problem. She is healing and doing better. Thank you.

Thanks, TSC for praying for Cass who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She had surgery and is doing much better. To God be the glory for great things he has done. Thanks, TSC.

Requested prayer for good report from a scan for M., hallelujah. She is off treatment and is doing well. Thank you again TSC for your prayers. We pray for complete healing and deliverance.

I requested prayer for a good report for my mom, who was on treatment. The doctors were amazed at the results. She is off treatment and goes for another scan next month. Blessings TSC and thank you.

Praise God. Sent in a prayer request in relation to the funds for our daughter's attendance to Columbia University for her to get her Student's Visa. The money has been released. God granted favor.