Answered Prayers - United States

I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic but God provided two jobs that are more than I could ask for. Also, God healed my lower back pain and sciatica.

Daughter Teresa spoke to me and let my grandkids stay all week. Please pray for a Damascus Road experience for Teresa & Sean and against depression for Killian. Fear. For Danika, protection. Praise.

Praise God! I passed all of my courses this past semester. God is so good and never fails.

I've been complacent about intimacy with the Lord. Now, I find myself waking up every day in desperation, seeking God and His word for abundant life and selflessness.

I thank God for protecting my family and me throughout the year, healing me from COVID-19 and a fractured arm. Glory to God almighty. Thanks for your prayers TSC.

Thank the Lord and TSC prayer warriors, Antonio's blood fungus is cleared up. His pacemaker is replaced. Thank you, Lord, for also keeping the Newman sisters.

Praising our prayer-answering God. My dad who was in ICU came back home on Christmas eve well and stable. Thanking God for extending his life. God is good.

Praise Jesus! My wife and I prayed and tithed through very uncertain times this year, and He has proven faithful again. He gave us money to pay off our mortgage.