Answered Prayers - United States

I sent in a prayer request regarding direction and employment. My oldest daughter is going back to school, my youngest daughter was hired at a new job. Praise The Lord.

Thank You Lord. Today Dec 31 makes it 49 years when I migrated from PanamaA  to this great land with my daughter Heidi in arms.

In September I requested prayer for a miracle for a friend who had brain issues and lives near TSC. She visited TSC with me in November and received salvation! She recently had successful brain surgery.

Roseline my cousin in Haiti with breast mass has a Visa for Cuba 1/13/20 for surgery. Praise the Lord! Pray for traveling mercies and that the surgery goes well.

Thank God for His gracious financial providence. I completed my Fashion Studies at Parsons and I am part of NSLS-US largest honor society for academic distinction.

Thank you Pastor Carter, Pastor David, and Pastor Patrick, for giving us God's pure word, how you instruct, pray for us, then we see things from God's viewpoint.

Thank you to Mrs. Hernandez and the leadership of the TSC Women's Ministry, giving us instructions from God's word, praying and sending us back to our posts.

Thank You Lord. He answered my request and my cry on Christmas. Late that evening my brother and his wife prayed and counseled me and the breakthrough came.

Hallelujah. My niece Kajali in Panama sent a picture of her son Alexis on his graduation day. You prayed, and he passed all of his classes.

God be praised. My great-nephew TJ was released from prison before Christmas. You prayed for him for two years. Thanks.