Answered Prayers - United States

Thank You, Jesus! This last Tuesday night the prayers were so personal, you prayed for my country, Panama, my grandson Romie that has autism, and my daughter Heidi.

Praise the Lord! After years of prayer and in the midst of this rough year, God blessed me with a new high-level job with Amazon, earning three times more. God is awesome!

Thank you, Lord, that my dad will be discharged from the hospital today. Thank you, Lord, that my mom's Oxygen came up. You are so Faithful and Worthy!

My cousin is home, and the medical staff was amazed at her rapid and unprecedented recovery! Thank you for praying!

To God be the glory this 2020! I was able to buy my exact dream car and sell off my old car for a very good sum. Thank you Lord for all of your favor this past year!

I asked God to help me pass my Biochemistry class, but Lord you did above and beyond what I asked, I received an A in the class. I struggled, but God was there.

I want to praise God for my biological father being saved before he died. He died this Christmas eve and he had gotten saved very shortly beforehand. He was 98.

Thank you for the prayers! I have been able to get a little more sleep during the night! I praise God for any! I know full healing and peace is coming.

To God be the glory this 2020! He opened a door for me to serve Him which I had been seeking. I and others have been truly blessed.

I have submitted several prayer requests for my once-wayward sister. She is still a work in progress. But, she is now aiming to be a hairdresser/entrepreneur.