Answered Prayers - Suriname

Thanks TSC for praying for Michael, he's back in church and practicing keyboard. God is great!

Thank you TSC for praying for Chaqill, he gave his life to Christ and is very faithful to the church. He wants to make music for the Lord. All glory to God and God bless TSC.

Thank You TSC for helping me to pray for Cesrun. There is a breakthrough in his life and he made a choice to serve God and to enjoy his salvation. Glory to God almighty.

Last 22 of september I asked prayer for Shanta, she was homeless, now she has a good home and also found job. She comes to church and she is very thankful. Thanks God our father for His provision.

6 weeks ago, I had a prayer request for our small church in Paramaribo, since 3 weeks God brought a change, not only spiritual growth but also in numbers, glory to God thank you for your prayers.