Answered Prayers - Saudi Arabia

Thanks for beautiful testimony and encouragement! My faith is greatly increased to believe in prayer! Thank you for more live services to come! Praise God for TSC and that He cares for us!

Just heard the good news about the live services starting in May! Thank you Father God for your goodness and thank you TSC, you are such a wonderful witness and a blessing! May God richly bless you!

I've noticed for a couple of weeks now and my daughter also commented that she has felt more emotionally stable. Thank you dear Savior and TSC!

I woke up in my morning with a praise song. "I Stand in Awe of You" with such a glorious renewal of the spirit and peace and I thought "Thank you TSC for your prayers of encouragement!

Thank you Pastor Carter and TSC for your encouragement, care, example and prayers. Praying God will refresh, renew, protect, and bless you as you pray for others. You are greatly appreciated!

All praise, honor and glory to our king of kings who helped my 19 yr. old son to be accepted in an intensive computer programming school in San Francisco! Thank you for your prayers TSC!!!

Thank you TSC - for your good example, faith, hope, prayers. I am praying for all the dear people who have requests. God meet their needs! You are a good God!

Thank you Pasor Carter for your prayer and sermon for peace. It was so encouraging and healing!