Answered Prayers - Puerto Rico

Praise God! My 92-year-old mother doesn't need surgery for a fractured shoulder. Thank you for praying, and know that the good Lord answers and loves us.

I was praying and asked for prayer for grandsons heart. He had a surgery and everything resulted ok. He is doing very well thanks to God, and then to you all.

Thank you for your prayers for my nephew from last week we are already seeing results. To God the Glory!

In June 2015 I submitted a prayer request for a job interview for a professor position. Looking to the prayer request I saw my request. God answered! I'm working as a professor and it is a blessing. Thanks.

Thank you for praying to our Lord for His intervention in finding me a job. HE gave me a job and is guiding me with love every day. Hallelujah!

Thanks to my Lord because He has mercy with me and is healing me from a divorce that I did not want. He is transforming my mind, heart and soul.

Thanks God for his mercy. Last week I asked to pray for a test I was going to take last Saturday. It was a blessing because I felt the presence of God every step of the way. Thanks!

On March 4, I made a prayer request for a job. Praise the Lord because He is good. Tomorrow is my 1st day of work in a very difficult time.

My prayer was requesting our Lord to help Limarys that was in the hospital very sick. She is much better and at home. Praise our Lord.