Answered Prayers - Philippines

Glory to God. Thank you for praying for Malyn and I. Our application for fostering a child is approved and twice we visited the 4-year-old girl, Rose.

Glory to God! Last Tuesday you prayed, Arlen was admitted because of a heart problem, he is now working. And also Ador. Praise be to God.

Glory to God. He is good. Thank you for praying for the young adult ministry; 25 just signed in. Please continue to pray also for our youth ministry.

Glory to God, for wonderful evangelistic crusade last Friday, souls saved. Thank God for TSC team that helped us. Continue to pray for the souls saved. TSC thank you.

Glory to God! Thank you for sending Zinnash team. Hundreds of people blessed and accepted Lord Jesus of 2 days medical and dental missions at Zambo, Anguita. Please continue to pray: crusade. Thank you.

Glory to God, last Tuesday you prayed my mother was healed and discharged without an operation. Thank you TSC.

Months ago you prayed for us here, for the youth leaders to have their own disciples. Please continue to pray that they will be empowered and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thanks TSC.

Praise God, thank you TSC for praying us here to be as one body and one Spirit. All churches in Metro Manila met in a conference about "Radical Love," that we are the disciplers and to disciple people.

Thank you for all your prayers which have strengthened and comforted us. My father has gone home to be with the Lord today, his 19th day in the hospital. We will miss him but we know that he is in the presence of God.