Answered Prayers - Philippines

Glory to God for last Tuesday prayer request, His divine healing to Elwin with back pain, Angelo with vomited blood and congenital heart disease. Praise God!

Praise God for His mighty hand; truly He is good. Thank you for praying for MSU, Mindanao that God protected the village in recruiting the youth by ISIS. Thanks, TSC.

Praise God for His mighty hand and a successful surgical operation in her brain and continue to pray for Teresa, for her full recovery and needs, in Jesus, Amen.

Glory to Almighty God, thank you for praying last June 20. The case dismissed last Wednesday and I went back home last Saturday. God is alive. God bless TSC.

Glory to God for a succesful surgical procedure done yesterday of Teresa, please continue to pray for her fast recovery. Thank you for her last week. God bless TSC, regards.

Glory to God! Thank you TSC for praying Ador. He is well with the Lord. Finished his surgical procedure last week.

Glory to God! He is good. CLWC Workers accepted to open their homes as house churches. Please continue to pray to begin this week, Amen. Thank you, TSC.

Glory to God. Thank you for praying for Edu, for his 2nd court hearing. God is amazing. Edu's complainant did not show up. Please continue to pray for Edu and Marvin. God bless TSC.

Praise God. Thank you for praying for Rose (a foster child), me and Malyn. What a wonderful day that God blessed us with! Our relationship, from 1st night of crying to present day of joy. Thank You Lord Jesus. TSC God bless you!

Glory to God. Thank you for praying for us last Tuesday. Our street evangelism harvested 50 youth from block 38 and 40. Please continue to pray for them. Next Thursday we go back for them.