Answered Prayers - Philippines

For mommy, Ludy, from high blood pressure. She's stable now and discharged from the hospital. Thank you for praying.

Thank You, Almighty God, for the complete deliverance of my sister. I claim steadfastness into her life Abba Father.

Praise be to God! Last prayer meeting I requested that God will send rains, He is truly the Living God and answered the prayer. Glory to God. Thank you TSC.

Glory to the name of our Lord Jesus, last prayer meeting I requested prayer for us for no water supply, indeed we have water on the day I requested. Thanks.

Thank you for praying along with me. I got a break thru with my case. New information. Everything helps. Thanks, small but something.

Praise God, the I-797 for Ernesta and family was approved. Now we have to pray that they will find favor with the approving Consul for the immigrant visas.

Dominic is now recovering from dengue. Released from the hospital after his platelets have been improving. Thank you for the prayers. Awesome God!

Glory to God. Thank you for sending us the commitment to feed underweight children. Thank God the On-Call Team is coming here in February.

Praise God for prayers last Tuesday! God is good for reaching 34 souls and received the Lord Jesus as their Savior last big outreach, please continue to pray.

Thank You for your prayers. The Lord hears the prayers of His people. Ruth swelling on the brain decreased, Typhoid is gone. Thank You, Pastor.