Answered Prayers - Peru

Last week I asked for prayer for my two sons, they were very mad at me and I had not seen them for 6 months. Since then, one visited and was very sweet. Thanks, Abba. Pray they come back to Jesus.

A month ago I asked for prayer for my 3 kids. Now my daughter (13-years-old) sings to Jesus and my son (17-years-old) asks me to read the Bible. May the Lord continue His great work!

Thank you for your prayers. My brother forgave my mom for not having been in his life since he was a baby. Total restoration. Thank you, Jesus.

Just wanted to give praise to the Lord my aunt is now without cancer. All I can do is praise God! Thank you for prayers.

Glory to God! I asked for my aunt, she was almost dying, now she is receiving treatment, and Jesus is helping us! Thanks, Lord!

I asked for prayer for a husband, now I am happily married. Please help us. Praying that my marriage brings glory to God!

We won! Hard days praying and fasting. My sister came back to the Lord, to the house of mercy. 48 hours ago her marriage was destroyed, about to divorce. At this moment she's back with her husband & surrounded by Christians.

Praise the Lord! At 5:30 I submitted a prayer request for Sebastian, a young Christian. Falsely accused of stealing and sentenced to 4 years of jail. At 8:05 he was freed by the Lord! Just when the prayer meeting ended.

I was asking Jesus to change my heart as I felt angry and resented, and He filled my heart with His LOVE. Now, I only want to pray and care for others and be a good testimony so Jesus can be glorified.