Answered Prayers - Panama

My daughter and son-in-law are clear to adopt little 3-year-old N. His father finally surrendered his rights 5 days ago. Please pray for the birth parents salvation. Thank you all for praying.

Our daughter and son in law just adopted a little girl from Panama. Thank you Jesus that she is home with them safe and sound. Continue to pray for wisdom how to care for her special needs.

We prayed for Ophelia last week who had a huge brain tumor and she is alive and doing well after surgery. Continue to pray for some leakage by the stitches. She knows it was our prayers.

We have been praying for my daughter and son in-law adopting a child in Panama. God sent us a miracle this week and they will meet her tomorrow. They said it would be 2 years and it took 1 day.

Wonderful celebration for Jesus. The Word went forth, healings, & salvations. We are so excited with what God is doing in the lives of our village people. Thank you for standing in prayer with us.

Last week I submitted a prayer for an atheist, snake doctor and her husband that was into witchcraft. They both came to a saving knowledge of Jesus!
Only Jesus can do this! Thank you for praying!

Rachel has come out of a coma and is off the feeding tube & ventilator. 2 weeks ago doctors said she may not make it and today she is recovering. Thank you for praying. Only Jesus!

Candace was in a car accident 2 weeks ago. We prayed and the doctors were amazed! Car totaled, people say she should have been dead or critical. She got $2,600. more for her car than should have.

Thank you for praying for my husband John's hip replacement. His surgery was successful and he is in physical therapy. Bless you!