Answered Prayers - Norway

A few months ago you prayed for a man who had a stroke. He is up and walking. A little unsteady and tired but on his way to a full recovery. Thank you, TSC.

Thanks, TSC. A few days ago, I asked for prayer for a house for my son and daughter-in-law before August 15. The next day they got a house. They are moving on July 20. Hallelujah!

Some weeks ago I asked to pray for A. who had a severe infection in his stomach. A. is now healed and back at work. Thanks to God and thanks to you.

I sent in a prayer request a month ago for Anna, a 2-month-old. Her head was growing too fast. She has had a CT scan her head, and nothing was wrong. Praise the Lord.

I asked for prayer for our daughter-in-law who got a very serious infection Saturday 15. February. She is now completely healed and the baby is also well. Thanks to God.

Through prayers and God's praying people, I got healed from pain after surgery that wasn't successful. Praise the Lord!

Thank you, Jesus, for healing me! He also miraculously gave me a new job that I was praying for. Jesus is faithful and He loves His children. God bless.

I am so thankful to God. He showed nothing pathological. And the pressure in my head is now much better.

Thank you for praying for my father, the operation on his eyes was good. My father was almost blind, but now he can see, he doesn't need glasses anymore. Halleluja.