Answered Prayers - Netherlands

God restored our marriage, and our three kids invited Jesus into their hearts.
Thank you body of Christ for praying and thank you, Lord Jesus.

I'm so thankful for your prayers. A couple of weeks ago I requested prayer for D (she tried to commit suicide). But, PRAISE God, she came back to life! God bless you.

God by His mercy and grace opened a door to meet new brothers and sisters. I am praying and going out on the street with them to evangelize. Glory to Jesus!

Sent a prayer request for my dad, who was having pain that couldn't be explained.
The pain is totally gone now. Thanks, TSC family and thank you, Jesus.

By the grace of God, I had the chance to pray with my mother in her struggle. She was willing at that time to ask Jesus herself to forgive her and see in her life.

Last week we asked for prayer for Richard who was being oppressed by the government to the point of causing him to be sleeping on the street for weeks. Happy to announce that he was granted all his rights.

2 weeks ago I asked for prayer for justice as my ex-husband was afflicting us. Today in court he openly confessed guilt to the judge on his own and also dropped all the planned harassment lawsuits. Thanks.

Pastor William you are talking to me! I literaly erased my prayer request today! I feel all that you said and more. Thank you for praying!

Please pray for my sister who is a lesbian, pray for salvation, that she may find the true love...GOD!