Answered Prayers - Nigeria

Thanks for praying along. God answered and gave my son a great job. Jesus be praised forever. My eyes are on you, Lord, for other answered prayers. Glory to God.

Thank God and TSC for son's successful interview. Promoted beyond expectations after working for only 2 years in a position normally requiring 7. Praise the Lord.

Miraculous answer to long standing time sensitive prayers for provision, marriage, children, victory, salvation and wisdom for the way forward.

Dad and daughter are doing much better. Praise, praise God Almighty. Hallelujah. Thank God for provision and so many blessings. Bless the Lord, oh my soul. Thank you, Times Square Church.

I asked for prayer for a friend's daughter who had breast cancer which had metastasized and underwent chemo. Excellent result and now cancer free. No trace! Praise God! Thanks TSC!

Mum was healed from burns, and inconclusive cancer is now confirmed that she does NOT have cancer. Travel document refusal was overturned; traveling mercies home; heaven's provision and she was blessed, despite it all! All glory to God!

Praise Almighty God regarding a request for job for my son. Received his letter of appointment this week! Thank you TSC prayer team!

I want to thank God for answering our prayers! My daughter, who is over 30, is getting married this December! All glory to God.

Thanking a great and faithful God. Bj got his final results today and is graduating with a 2:1 (second class honours). Blessed be the name of the Lord.