Answered Prayers - Mexico

I've been asking that God would save my mom. He did and took her to heaven, leaving a beautiful testimony. Thanks.

I asked for healing prayer for a friend from Belize to be healed of cancer. Praise the Lord she is healed!

I asked for prayer about an RA condition diagnosed many years ago; next day I miraculously felt so much better after six months of a terrible flare. Thank You Father! Thanks TSC for your prayers!

I asked prayers for myself, my husband and my son to give our lives to the Lord. He answered my prayers. I have given back my life to the lord. Keep praying for Raul my husband and Glen my son, that they too will give their lives to the lord.

God did not heal my uncle Daniel but saved his soul, which is much better. God saved me economically, and again did something better. Jesus was with me through the fire before the miracle. Thank You Jesus!