Answered Prayers - Sri Lanka

Praise God, I was richly blessed, comforted, by Sunday morning and afternoon sermons. Am praying for faith to rest and wait in the wilderness for deliverance from offense and healing wounded heart.

Today a great day of victory and freedom for Sri Lanka after many years! Thank you Lord, and thank you TSC intercessors, for your prayers.

Praise You Lord for healing my brokenness in answer to the prayers of these faithful ones. Panic attacks less. I ask for more of the Lord's manifest presence every moment, to be very real. I love You Lord.

Thank and bless the Pastors at TSC for teaching us Truth of God's Word, for prayer and every encouragement.Be richly blessed!

Sri Lanka presidential elections conducted peacefully on 8th Jan. A miracle. Feel relief, peace. Thank you Lord, thank you TSC. God bless all intercessors. Holy Spirit come, save, make all ONE.

All Praise and thanks be to our God, Dinidu has been rescued by Police, who found him abandoned by the roadside. What joy to his parents and everyone who has prayed -So appreciate your prayers!

The Lord gave me a prayer partner, my good friend from my school days. We pray together now. Praise and thanks be to God. Thank you TSC and intercessors!

I believe the Lord has spoken His guidance to me through Ezek.12.3 'Pack.. go from where you are to another place'.Praise God my Father.I need to find small, secure place- never lived on my own before.

I had a wonderful visit with Buddhist friends. They accepted prayer. May the Holy Spirit save them to uttermost.