Answered Prayers - South Korea

My brother, who has Parkinson's disease, was able to eat a whole mango after I submitted a prayer request on July 25 to allow him solid food eating. Jesus, please meet him personally and open his throat to talk. Avoid kidney dialysis. Protect Lord.

Today's sermon was my answered prayer. It was as if God spoke to me. I'm glad I am in God's curriculum and I am on journey with Christ and with brothers and sisters in TSC. Thank you.

I was asked to pray for ancestry ceremony. God answered. I told them I would not participate in idolatry. After one year, My father admitted that I don't have to attend and reduced the ceremonies. Thank you.

Thank you for your prayers. In my church meeting, they open their heart to hear the love of God. My loneliness is gone. I feel filled with the Holy Spirit. I love the brothers and sisters in TSC. God bless you.

The Lord saved my Dad from SFTS virus. There's no vacchin or medicine for the infection. It's a miraculous healing by Jesus' blood. Dad is set free from death. Praise his name. Thank you TSC for praying.