Answered Prayers - Kenya

I asked for prayers for my daughter's university graduation and it went very well; inspite of great obstacles, family pressures, and tensions. Thank you.

I prayed and asked that I may know God more. He took me through dark clouds both physically, mentally, and spiritually but I came out the other end in victory! Amen.

I requested prayers for my eyes, which have not been focusing properly. Thanks be to the Lord, I got new glasses that I am very happy with. Thanks, TSC.

My mum was supposed to start chemo yesterday but the doctors said there is no cancer. She is cured. God bless you and thank you so much for the prayers. Thank you.

Praise God! I have seen a tremendous break in my finances and new clients coming in and old clients coming back. Thank you so much for praying. Glory to God!

Praise God! My friend who was contemplating divorce is now on holiday with her husband in Mombasa. Thank you, Jesus, for answering speedily. You're a faithful Lord!

Thank you for praying with me. God made it possible for me to go to Monash University in spite of many challenges. I am now in Australia undertaking a masters program. Praise God!

Just taking this moment to give thanks to God. I managed to pass my first stage of eligibility for that scholarship I applied for.