Answered Prayers - Japan

I requested a prayer that I want Jesus to tell me what to do about my problems. I got the opportunity to learn Matthew 15: 22. I felt Jesus nearby. Thank you.

Thank you for praying over and over for my son 's liberation. I feel he's gradually released. And I am learning to love God's way and surrender to God.

I had requested prayer becuase I was suffering so much from family problems and I needed encouragement. Now I am quite free. I am thankful for TSC's prayers.

I requested prayers for my mother's illness and treatment many times. She is now given a calm and quiet life with my father. I see God responding to prayers. Praise God.

I requested prayer about my husband's physical condition due to overwork. He became energetic and began to think about his body. Thank you.

Thank you for praying for my mother in the hospital. Painful treatment for her has been successfully completed, She was able to walk. Also, I was able to pray for healing to Jesus with her.

Thank you for praying for my mother who has bacterial disease. She was given the possibility to avoid dangerous surgery from her doctor yesterday. Give God the glory so He will give you the victory.

Thank you for my son who entered a high school. He became cheerful in new life. That's incredible, he takes positive attitude toward everything. I'm going to pray and support for him in the name of God.