Answered Prayers - Japan

As I requested a prayer, last week I was able to live conscious of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers. The Lord helped me in a small group leader for 9 months. It was a blessing to build a good relationship with the members.

Praise God. For the mother who was in trouble without treatment, God gave the doctors the great operation and is restoring her. She believed that Jesus loves her.

Thank you for your prayer for my mother without treatment. The doctors found one cause for the symptoms to progress by scan they didn't expect. I feel God works.

I was in a very difficult situation last week, but thank you for praying for my loneliness. I was greatly comforted and noticed a group. I treasure it.

I did a leader in the Bible class. Unlike the first one, the discussion of participants was exciting and I appreciated it very much. Thank you.

Two months ago, I requested prayer for my son who spent every day on the internet. He has begun a part-time job for two weeks. Thank you for your prayer.

Thank you for praying for my mother. After praying for gratitude and blessing, it was decided that she would receive a very satisfactory treatment.

Praise The Lord! April 1st has become really memorial day to us all! I and my family came all the way from Japan to TSC to get touched by God! He Did It!

After stalking this prayer meeting for months, I'm finally moving closer to the Lord and walking in obedience to His word; His favor and grace is mind-blowing. Yes.