Answered Prayers - Japan

Thank you TSC for empowering and joining me in difficult times this year as well. I was able to continue to stand in faith, though I haven't answered yet.

Thank you for your prayers. My mother was able to get the treatment she needed quickly. I saw God answering our prayers. I pray that this treatment will work.

Because of your sincere prayers, I have been able to keep my faith in God's Word firm. May I continue to pray with confidence for my son. Thank you.

My mother, who had a broken arm and needed help, is now available for public support, as prayed. I am happy that my father feels relieved. Thank you so much.

I was worried about Corona, but my mother finished her treatment very smoothly and she was able to get home quickly. God answered. Thank you for your prayer.

My laparoscopic surgery have been postponed, because of my poor physical condition. However, the medicine works without surgery. God is good. Thank you.

I tend to get stage fright, I felt painful in continuing to serve, but God has given me what I need. Thank you for your powerful prayer this year too.

Thank you for your prayer for me. I was able to lead the Bible class last week without pressure. As I tend to get nervous, I am convinced that it was led by God.

In last week's prayer meeting, I had a breakthrough with a spiritual problem.
I will trust God though the battle continues. Thank you TSC.