Answered Prayers - Jamaica

Last week I asked for healing prayer for my brother Garfield. He did the blood work and no cancer was detected. To God be the glory. Pray he gives his heart to the Lord.

God has answered my prayer and given me a job. He has also healed me and I am much better from back pain that made it difficult for me to walk.

I prayed for my nephew's safety and his ability to leave his abusive mother. Even through his fear, he was able to leave. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers.

Thanks TSC, my cousin is out of the hospital and is doing well. Seemed impossible, but God did it. His body was attacking his immune system, he almost died. Thanks be to God.

I asked for prayer for my daughter who was having constant fever and headache. It has been about 5 months now and she's still healed. Thank you Lord for your healing and thank you all who prayed.

Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to do my HIV test and the result is negative. In Jesus name.

Thanks be to the most high God. I prayed for strength to go and do an HIV test and I was negative. The devil had kept me in fear for so long, but Jesus came to my rescue. I love you Lord.

Last week I submitted a prayer request for a homeless person in need of housing, The Lord has opened wide the door and provided a home. Praise His Name!!